Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is paramount to ensuring your vehicle is performing at the top of its abilities. When you think about it your wheels are the main connection to the ground, therefore it completely dictates how well your car will run, how fast you can go and the performance your car will achieve. A set of well aligned wheels allow you to get the very best results, maximising the crucial handling of your car. However the benefits don’t stop there, your vehicle can also benefit from longer lasting components and increased longevity of your alloys and tyres.

What you might not know is that your wheels can unalign very easily – due to its progressive decline many would not even realise it happening. Some of the simplest incidents can result in the alignment of your wheels becoming skewed. One of the most common and unavoidable is either hitting a curb or a pothole. Although you don’t feel an instant difference when these events occur, repeated occurrence of hitting curbs and potholes slowly makes you steering system unaligned. Another way that your steering can become unaligned is by your suspension or other relevant components slowly wearing, this can be natural wear or due to increased strain and old age. However, no one can truly self diagnose their vehicle so it’s important to ensure you have your wheels checked every year for their alignment to ensure you get the highest levels of performance out of your wheels.

Here at LK Performance we have you covered in all areas of your wheel alignment, our comprehensive checks ensure that all areas of your vehicle are checked. We are rigorous in ensuring that your car is performing at the highest possible level giving you excellent safety, unparalleled security and the piece of mind that your motor has been checked by a team of professionals that are truly passionate about cars. If you are looking at getting your wheel alignment checked, you can contact our expert team of advisors on 01274 936040, their experienced knowledge and industry leading service ensures a pleasant and enjoyable experience whilst ensuring that your motor is in peak condition.

Wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position to give you the best possible vehicle handling and also to maximise the life of your tyres.

Your wheels may become unaligned due to hitting a curb or a pothole or by excessive wear to the steering or suspension components; however it is important that you get your wheel alignments checked every year to ensure you get the highest levels of performance out of your tyres.

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