Tyre Fitting

Tyre safety is easily one of the most important factors of your vehicle and ensuring you have the minimum tread is a legal requirement. If you’re are running low or close to low, visit our Tyre Fitting Centre at LK Performance so we can get you safely back on the roads.

At our fitting centre, we offer nitrogen tyre inflation which is the ideal way to make sure your new tyres have the longest possible tread life and run at their safest in all conditions. In fact, filling tyres with nitrogen instead of compressed air has been the standard in motor sports and the aviation industry for decades, and now it’s readily available to any motorist wanting to improve the performance and durability of their tyres.

Whilst mobile fitting centres can be convenient for those with busy lifestyles, it’s best to think ‘safety first’, and you’ll only be able to receive the full adequate amount of care and attention to your tyres at an actual fitting centre like ours where we have all the materials available at our disposal.

Did you know

Unbalanced tyres are the largest known cause of uneven tread deterioration? To avoid that, we conduct comprehensive tests which involve checking that your tyres are both balanced and running at the correct pressure, whether you’ve opted for nitrogen or not.

Having your tyres at the correct pressure and balanced will give your treads a longer life and improved your control while driving at higher speeds – as it reduces uneven driving. Our fitting service team can instal direct or indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems to let you know when your tyres are underinflated, safeguarding you against road accidents and saving you money.

If you’ve purchased tyres from us, either at our showroom in Cleckheaton or online, you’ll be entitled to a free tyre fitting service. If you’ve made a purchase online and would like to arrange a suitable time where we can fit your new tyres, all you need to do is call us on 01274 936040 to book your car into our Cleckheaton Fitting Centre. In addition to free tyre fitting we also offer a range of other services to ensure that your tyres are safe and operating at optimal performance.





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Call 01274 936040 today to find out more about our tyre fitting by our highly experienced team. Our advisers are keen to help you enhance your drive and offer you the best advice on ways to do so.

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