Alloy Wheel Fitting

New alloy wheels can completely reinvigorate your vehicle, giving it a real sense of character and the styling that some only dream of. The alloy wheel market now offers customers an incredible array of choice, meaning you can pretty much customise your motor to your heart’s content. However, many people are put off buying new allow wheels due to the complexity of fitting them to their vehicle. This is where we come in; we understand that for some people the thought of installing their new alloy wheels could be one that is filled with worry. When you leave it to our professional fitting team to fit your new alloy wheels, you get an easy and quick service for your vehicle that ensures your new wheels are installed correctly, avoiding any chance of future issues and error with your wheels.

Properly and expertly fitted alloy wheels guarantee the best ride quality for your vehicle. This means you will feel less of those bad bumps in the road and as a result of correct fitting will avoid any potential cracking or structural damage to the wheels should you experience severe road conditions. Our excellent team of fitters know the ins and outs of alloy wheel fitting, having experience with a range of vehicles and wheel sizes. They truly have anything and everything covered, with advanced knowledge on appropriate procedure for wheels from 15 inch to 22 inch and cars up the size of large SUV’s such as the Range Rover.


So why hesitate? You could be driving away today with your performance suspension fitted to the ultimate level of accuracy and performance enhancing fitting craftsmanship.

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