Suspension Fitting

Built from a complex composition of parts all working together the give you a safe and comfortable ride, suspension also helps to avoid sudden shocks and vibration that could damage the vehicle. However, the various parts can and will become worn over time, from the springs to the shock absorbers. These should be replaced on a semi-regular basis to ensure that your car performs at optimal capacity whilst also not being damaged by potholes and bumps in the road.


The springs in your suspension system are the absolute heart of it, allowing the car to roll over bumps as if they weren’t there. Over time, however, they lose their ability to retract and return to the original state. This can lead to a much harder and bumpier ride as you drive around. When this happens it is important to get them replaced so that other parts within the car aren’t damaged by the bump.

Shock Absorbers

Seated within the spring is the shock absorber, which is used to help the spring cope with sudden jolts and quick compression. In essence, it helps the spring take the bumps in the road without damaging the rest of the axle and steering mechanism. With that in mind, these parts need to be kept in optimal condition to avoid wear and tear.


Another part of the suspension system that takes a good beating is the rubber bumper, which sits at the top of the shock absorber. Every time the spring contracts and the shock absorber bumps, the pressure is transferred onto this little hero of a engine part. It acts as the final step in softening the blow against the rest of the car, meaning that when it is worn away the car will shudder and vibrate as the shock absorber and spring move around.

Lowering Springs

Fitting replacement suspension isn’t all we do though! With years of expertise, we can get your car lowered safely and securely. Using our knowledge we can fit any type of lowering springs perfectly, so that you can ride low without damaging your ride!

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