Revo Turbo Upgrades

A Revo upgrade can bring a host of benefits to your vehicle, taking your motor to a whole new level of performance. Whilst people are often put off from a Revo upgrade due to the technical features that go into the work, there’s no need to be put off. Here at LK Auto Centre we are experts when it comes to the most technical aspects of upgrading your vehicle, and that includes Turbo upgrades. Much like the other Revo products, Turbo upgrades are susceptible to the same potential issues, running the risks of causing damage to the vehicle’s existing upgrade and even causing extensive damage to the motor’s other crucial components. Why run this danger when you can have your Turbo upgrade completed with no issues by our experienced fitting team. We ensure that your new part is fitted in such a way that allows it to perform at the highest possible level.


Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in the industry making them very efficient at taking on just about any task. You can be sure that, when you send your motor in for an upgrade, you know that our trained technicians have the best intention for your vehicle. We will always look at getting the best possible results and ensuring that your motor is safe and reaping all of the benefits of the new upgrade. So don’t hesitate! You could be driving off with the performance upgrade of your dreams today, and all with no issues, no drama and no damage to your vehicle.



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