Exhaust Fitting

A new exhaust can do wonders for your car, from improving its sound to making it more efficient and overhauling its performance. However, with those points in mind, it’s also one of the hardest parts for someone to fit themselves. Countless issues can arise if mounted incorrectly – it can mean disaster for your motor, resulting in harmful fumes, damage to other components in your vehicle and, most importantly, will result in failure of the exhaust system you have bought.

All of this could be averted by simply coming to LK AutoCentre to have your new exhaust fitted by our team of professional part fitters. Your exhaust will be fitted in the correct way, ensuring that there are no issues with the part and fitting it to exact dimensions of your car. This helps to guarantee the best possible performance and maximum results out of that premium component on your vehicle.


There are many benefits of having a premium exhaust thats fitted correctly. For one, it’s the way it should be fitted, so immediately your getting the performance you bought with your new exhaust. However when a well trained technician like one of ours fits it , they look for absolute perfection! This means having the ability to fit exhaust on a range of vehicles such as large commercial vehicles all the way down to hot hatches and sports cars. What this means is that, no matter what vehicle and exhaust combo you turn up with, we’ve got technicians that have the skill level to operate on a range of vehicles and a broad selection of exhausts.



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