Caliper Upgrades

Brake callipers can make or break the effectiveness of a car brake system. When it comes to upgrading this vital component of your vehicle, it can be difficult for most people to attempt the upgrade on their own. The combination of its awkward placement and the technical aspect of replacing the part means that for most people it is a task they cannot complete in their backyard. If they try, they often run the risk causing unintentional damage to their vehicle which can make the upgrade process a longer and more stressful experience for them.

Rather than attempting this upgrade yourself, why not bring it into our fitting centre. Our well-trained technicians can make this upgrade with no issue, allowing you to save lots of time and potentially damage that you could cause. They also have performance at the forefront of the process meaning you get your performance part fitted in such a way that means it can reach maximum potential.


The scale of our operation and the knowledge of our technicians means that we can offer our brilliant service to just about anyone. We strive not to turn any customers away – to do this our technicians have a broad range of knowledge that ensures they can complete high-performance fittings for just about any vehicle. Don’t hesitate! Our fitting centre is open now – you could be speeding away with the high-performance Calipers you have dreamed of! No stress, no issues – it is simply the best way to get your upgrades on your motor.



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