Performance Part Fitting

Here at the LK Auto Centre we have decades of collective experience when it comes to getting any and all performance parts fitted and aligned correctly. It doesn’t even matter if you are driving a Corsa or a Ferrari – we are more than able to take out, replace and align absolutely any part of your car without damaging the body or other parts.


One of the first parts of a car that most people look to replace is the exhaust. Now, this can either be limited to the muffler or, depending on their budget, could actually include replacing the entire exhaust system. Our expert mechanics are more than capable of doing either of these, as well as anything in between. If you need your exhaust replaced, then why not give us a call on 01274 936040 now!

Air Filters

Another common part of an engine to replace early on is the air filter and the filter system. From panel filters to induction kits, we are able to get any type of filter replaced and fitted perfectly. Not only that, but we can do it without causing issues to other areas of the engine! And that’s not all – we can sort out and replace your stock oil filter with high performance ready filters, so that you can comfortably race around the track.

Clutch Kits

Moving on to the more complex modifications and performance parts, our experts will be happy to take apart and replace the clutch on your car. Whether its a standard saloon and a supercar, we are able to fit any performance clutch kit with ease!

Engine Tuning

The final aspect to look at is engine tuning. This includes the tuning of individual parts such as the intercoolers and actuators, to diagnostics and analysis on how to improve the performance of the engine as a whole. So, if you are looking to get any part of your motor replaced, our performance part fitting service is exactly what you need. So why not pick up that phone and give us a call for a quote on 01274 936040!

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