Brake Fitting

Brakes are a crucial component of your car, you’ll inevitably use them everytime you drive, to it makes sense to take care of them and ensure that they’re always in tip top condition. Lack of care, can cause the pads to wear down, that will significantly reduce their effectiveness on the road as well as increase the risk of brake fade. An upgrade, whether it be a complete change or merely the improvement of certain components i.e. the brake pad, the caliper or even the disk, can go a long way to improving your car’s stopping and slowing down power.

The type of upgrade your vehicle requires will vary depending on the make, model and weight of the car. For example, upgrading to larger diameter brakes may also require that you have larger diameter wheels fitted in order for the brakes to work at utmost efficiency.

Importance of Calipers and Brake Pads

The function of calipers is to convert the energy of the pressurised brake fluid into pressure to operate the brakes. Think of it as two hands that when you want to brake push the brake pads together and slow down the car. With brake pads, checks should be carried out frequently because it directly affects braking response and effectiveness. If the pads are too worn out, the metal can damage your brake discs, creating damage that could have been easily avoided.

Hand Brake

A lot of modern brakes will rely on the usage of the hand brake to keep the rear brakes aligned and adjusted. So, if you don’t use your hand brake regularly for whatever reason, upkeep is even more in important. Our technicians will lubricate the cables, check the adjustment and ensure that there is no corrosion causing the brakes to drag which can happen with infrequent use.

So if you’re getting ready for a long journey, worried that they’re not performing to their full capacity or just interested in upgrading your brakes, then feel free to consult with us at LK Performance at our Fitting Centre, to see what improvements can be made to to your brakes. On inspection of your vehicle, we can help determine the most appropriate upgrade and ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible.

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