Side Steps

The purpose of a sidestep on your vehicle is to allow easier access to your car. This is particularly the case with larger vehicles such as a luxury jeeps and commercial type vehicles. As a result of this, you can imagine that they need to be able to support someone putting their full weight on them, whilst ensuring that they don’t have any flex or give. We take this very seriously as an incorrectly installed sidestep could break off while someone is putting their weight on it, resulting in them falling and potentially leading to injury.

A correctly installed sidestep on the other hand will be able to support the full weight of someone as they leave or enter the vehicle. Therefore, when offering Side Step installation as part of our service, we ensure that this task is undertaken by our well trained and professional team of fitters. They ensure that all components of the vehicle are fitted to the correct specification, ensuring they are safe, mounted in the correct position and essentially are free from any chance of error.


Not to mention the process of mounting side steps, for many people, can be a painful one. If you’re not familiar with the process, it can take a considerable amount of time and, worst case scenario, result in unintentional damage being caused to the vehicle. So if you want to get side steps fitted onto your car correctly, with no hitches, then look no further than LK AutoCentre. For a variety of fitments and a broad range of cars we can’t be beaten.




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