Roof Boxes

Roof boxes are notoriously hard to fit, the intricacies are only made worse by the physical size of the product. There’s no need to struggle getting this fitted yourself. Our Roof Box fitting service ensures that your part is fitted with the best possible degree of accuracy, guaranteeing the long term use and performance of the part meaning you don’t have to come back or get it repaired. As a result of having well trained technicians such as ours, we are able to offer this service to a range of vehicles, whether that be large commercial vehicles all the way down to a typical family saloon.


High quality roof box systems such as the THULE lineup run a high price, their high quality build making them one of the most attractive systems out there. However, with this in mind, it’s also right to mention that they are tedious and fiddly to actually fit on your vehicle. That’s where our team comes in – if you have already bought roof boxes such as the THULE lineup for your vehicle you might feel lost as to how you’re going to get it fitted. This is a feeling that many feel after buying a new part for their vehicle. We feel that the process of upgrading your vehicle should be an enjoyable one rather than a process filled with doubt and worry. Our team will have your part fitted and ready to go in no time, meaning you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the brilliant part that you have bought.




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