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Here at the LK Autocentre, not only do we provide you with an excellent range of quality products, but we also strive to give you the best possible service possible with our fully fledged and comprehensive fitting centre. Upgrading your car has never been easier – our efficient process now ensures that you'll have a stress free ride from start to finish on the journey to getting your new car parts fitted.

From simple roof racks and LED headlights all the way to our precise wheel fitting and calibration, we have you covered no matter what the task. From top to bottom, we have technicians trained in all aspects of technical vehicle characteristics. Every single member of our amazing team have are absolute experts in their own fields.


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Car Services

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Wheels and Tyres

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Performance Part Fitting

Here at the LK Auto Centre we have decades of collective experience when it comes to getting any and all performance parts fitted and aligned correctly. It doesn’t even matter if you are driving a Corsa or a Ferrari – we are more than able to take out, replace and align absolutely any part of […]

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Leisure Products

Leisure fitting is a service we provide to allow you to have your leisure car parts fitted by a professional team of technicians and fitters. For you to enjoy and take advantage of your leisure parts it is crucial that they are fitted securely. This is beneficial as they are often designed to support weight […]

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Led Headlights

Small items like LED Headlights can seem like a useless and time consuming component to replace on your car. The majority of people would admit to not knowing how to replace the headlights on their vehicle, There’s no denying that it’s a tiresome and fiddly task. However, to avoid the time consumption and potential damage […]

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Servicing and Diagnostics

Brakes are a crucial component of your car, you’ll inevitably use them everytime you drive, to it makes sense to take care of them and ensure that they’re always in tip top condition. Lack of care, can cause the pads to wear down, that will significantly reduce their effectiveness on the road as well as […]

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