Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

There’s no denying that your alloys aren’t going to stay perfect forever. Due to the nature of their location they are extremely susceptible to picking up a lot of grime, dirt and environmental waring. If left untreated and ignored this can lead to significant damage on your alloy wheels, increase the chance of breaking them. The second aspect you have is the visual appearance – gradual wear can cause your wheels and vehicle to look much older than it actually is. A simple refurbishment can bring your vehicle back to life effectively. For such a simple service it has massive actual impact on your vehicle. Take a set of polished set of alloys, when they are dirty and full of grim they look dull and lack character, however a short refurbishment process can have them back up to running order, bringing back that brilliant styling as well as the bags of character it adds to your motor.

What we do is bring wheels back to their original condition. By refurbishing your wheels we fix all main issues that are ruining the aesthetics of the wheels – this includes top level dirt and grime, long term staining and even scratches and minor dents. Our experience and knowledge on alloy wheels means we can offer one of the best wheel services in the country, providing an extensive refurbishment service that looks for a range of issues relating to the health and look of your alloy wheels.

To make the process even easier for you we offer a pickup and dropoff service for your vehicle, meaning all of the hard work is done by us leaving you to enjoy your refurbished wheels. So what are you waiting for, don’t settle for those beaten up, dirty alloy wheels, make your alloys great again.



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